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Stephanie Hayden and Kris Ford ArrestedWow, does that family have some issues or what?  I do know that Will Hayden was arrested for being a pedophile.  I know Stephanie first claimed the accusations against her father were false and now claims that he did, in fact, molest her as a child.  Now Stephanie Hayden and her husband, Kris Ford have been arrested for spanking a kid so hard it left marks.  This rant isn’t going to be about Will Hayden and his pedophile issues or Stephanie’s child abuse excuses.  What this rant will be about are all the sick, moronic people supporting the abuse of children.

I am not saying for a second that I think spanking a kid is child abuse.  I am saying that there is difference between a simple spanking and beating your kid so hard that it leaves scars or marks that are visible hours later, you know, like when the cops arrive.

I read a comment by some dumbass who was supporting the abuse Stephanie and Kris committed against their child.  Or rather allegedly committed.  This moron said that spanking is how we learned right from wrong.  Wow, this is how stupid people are.  This is the violent place we live in.  We do not learn right from wrong by spanking our children.  What spanking teaches them is to not do somethings out of a fear of punishment.  That isn’t learning right from wrong.  That is teaching fear and nothing else.

It is the responsibility of our parents to teach our children right from wrong and if necessary to punish them.  What most parents do wrong is to skip the teaching part and go straight to punishment.  Our child screws up and what do we do? We tell them they did wrong and we punish them.  We go straight from the child’s mistake to punishment.  The kid learns real quick that being honest with their parents will get them in trouble and that some things will get them hurt.  What they haven’t learned is why they got in trouble.  Kids don’t know why what they did is wrong, they only know now that their parents say what they did is wrong.  So, chances are they are going to continue do it and just not tell their parents about it.

For example, let’s say two different kids steal money from their mothers purse.  The first kid is spanked, told stealing is wrong is spanked.  The second kid is told that stealing is also wrong but the parent takes the time to explain why stealing is wrong.  Which kid do you think really learned a lesson?  The kid that was just spanked, only knows that stealing is wrong.  But, has no idea why.  Kid’s don’t inherently know why something is wrong.  They need to be taught this.  Show a kid why their behavior is bad and it will change them.  They will grow and learn and be respectful human beings.

People for some reason think that teaching kids right from is like how they learn not to touch the stove top when it’s on.  They touch it, they get burned, end of story.  Even that doesn’t really work because sooner or later they are going to burn their hand when they stove top is off and have no clue why.  However, had you taught them that the stove was hot because fire creates heat and what it heats can take a long time to cool down.  Now they know.  Now they learned something about fire.  Now you they won’t get burned again.  And, if they do burn themselves again, you know your kid is stupid and needs extra attention, so please get him the attention he needs.

Teach kids, they learn by example and education and not through violence.

*You can get the details of Stephanie Hayden and Kris Ford’s arrest at TMZ.