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Can You Name These Classic Horror Movie Houses?

Can You Name These Classic Horror Movie Houses?

So I was bored last night and I discovered now that I am flat broke Universal Studios has a VIP Tour.  It’s 295 bucks or person.  (Actually I don’t recall the exact price, probably like 265 but I rounded up to be safe.)  Anyways, there’s a video that covers all the cool things the VIP Tour includes.  One of them was a stop at my most favorite house of all time!  They actually stop the tram, let you off and let you take photos right there next to it!

It got me thinking about other horror movie houses and how recognizable they are.   So I did a little research and I came up with 11 homes from 11 different films.  So can you name them?  Scroll down and take a shot!  If you feel like you need to share your results you can in the Facebook post I will make.

Good luck!


House 1
Horror Movie House Number 1



House 2
Horror Movie House Number 2

House 3
Horror Movie House Number 3

House 4
Horror Movie House Number 4

House 5
Horror Movie House Number 5

House 6
Horror Movie House Number 6

House 7
Horror Movie House Number 7

House 8
Horror Movie House Number 8

House 9
Horror Movie House Number 9

House 10
Horror Movie House Number 10

House 11
Horror Movie House Number 11

Think you can name them all? Give it a shot here!


Carrie, The Remake With Chloe Moretz

Carrie, The Remake With Chloe Moretz

Carrie The Remake with Chloe MoretzI’m really looking forward to seeing the remake of Carrie.  I saw the original with my parents at a drive-in when I was a kid.  All I remember about it was the hand coming out of the grave at the end and then I was screaming like a little girl.

About 5 years ago on one of my cross country drives I listened to the audio book Carrie.  By the time I had started the book I was on my way home from Florida.  I had driven up the 57, I think it was from Louisiana towards Missouri and to the Meramec Caverns.  I was driving though the mid west as I listened to most of the book and it really helped getting into the book.  I have no recollection where the book takes place.  But, it had a mid west feel to it.  Small town, small minds so as drove through these small towns with miles and miles of just farmland and nothingness it was like being a character in the book.Carrie 1976 Movie Poster

I loved every minute of the book as I do almost all of Stephen King’s work.  I have been meaning to watch the movie with Sissy Spacek and John Travolta ever since.  With the remake coming out, I really need to do that.  And, with Halloween coming up.  I am thinking I will be watching it sometime between now and then.

Now I will admit and somewhat embarrassingly that I don’t know much about Chloe Mortez.  I haven’t seen Kick Ass and I haven’t seen Let Me In.  I know, I know, how can I call myself a sci-fi fan and horror fan?  Well, as much as I love the genres I won’t just watch a movie because it’s a horror movie or because it’s a something sci-fi.  And, honestly Kick Ass just didn’t appeal to me.  The fact that everyone seemed to love it has sparked some interest and I have the movie, so I do plan to watch it.  As for Let Me In.  I wanted to watch the original first.  But, I haven’t watched that because, well, I’m a Vampire Chronicles fan.  In my eyes, those are real Vampires.  They are strong, beautiful creatures.  Every other creation has them as either weak or comical in my opinion.  I can tolerate them in True Blood.  They aren’t too wimpy but too easily killed.  Anyways, so Let Me In is about a child vampire.  But, the whole child vampire thing was already done in Interview with a Vampire.  Child vampires began and ended with Claudia.  That being said, again I plan to see it.

Chloë Moretz Carrie BloodbathSo, Chloe Mortez isn’t really the draw for me to see Carrie, though she already has an impressive resume it doesn’t hurt.  It’s just that Carrie was such a good story, it dealt with bullying long before it became politically correct to care about it.

A lot of people love to shit all over remakes and reboots.  I, on the other hand don’t usually mind them.  I think it’s interesting to someone else’s vision of a film or character.  Now I don’t mean to imply that I like all remakes.  For example.  The recent remakes of Halloween I & II.  I thought were so horrible.  The writer and director has no understanding of what made Michael Meyers so terrifying.   If I had the money I would love to remake it and do it right.

Even though I hated what Rob Zombie did to Halloween.  I still saw it, I was still entertained.  I say it was terrible because he took a shallow view on Michael Meyers rage and why he was evil.  He took his rage as a literal thing and tried to explain it.  Making Michael more like the hulk than an evil creature.  He took that rage and made it a literal explainable thing.  Bad parents, an abused child, a loner.  It was all too simple and anyone that understands Michael’s rage knows that it wouldn’t have mattered if he came from a good home with loving parents or the most disturbed parents possible.  Michael would have been quiet and calm from birth.  His rage was internal and uncontrollable.  Rob Zombie on the other hand made Michael a cry baby, a who gets tired of being bullied and just snaps in a fit a rage.  The real Michael never snapped.  He was like a shark, calm silent and relentless.  Unstoppable.

But I digress.  The point is that I enjoy remakes most of the time.  And, this one, since I’ve read the book and loved it.  Since it appears to have a great cast, it just sounds like a lot of fun watching take it and take until she explodes and has her revenge!