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Why You Should Not Vote For Jill Stein

Why You Should Not Vote For Jill Stein

Why You Should Not Vote For Jill Stein

There are many reason’s why you shouldn’t vote for Jill Stein. I decided to write this article today because I just un-followed one of her ardent supporters. Several times a day this person bashes Hillary. I have yet to see this person Tweet a reason why I should vote for Jill Stein. Since I openly support Hillary Clinton and do so because she’s by far the strongest candidate running. She’s stood up to the GOP and their bullshit for more than 30 years.

Hillary Clinton has been accused of everything under the sun and come out standing. Like Obama, she is being help to a higher standard than Trump or the other two 3rd party candidates. She has earned my support. I don’t think she’s perfect. She’s made some mistakes but she’s owned up to them, repeatedly and I respect that as well. So, if I am going to suddenly stop promoting Hillary, I’d need a damn good reason. And, some bullshit GOP fuckery nonsense.

There’s also that fact that I believe Obama has been the best president this country has seen in more than 50 years and he supports Hillary Clinton. If that isn’t enough for you, I honestly don’t know what else could sway you and get you thinking logically. But, I will try.

I will admit that I bash Trump all the time. I can see how someone might consider it then hypocritical of me to un-follow someone for bashing Hillary. It’s a legitimate question. I do so for obvious reasons, he’s a bigot, he says racist things, he’s misogynistic, he’s xenophobic and the list goes on. I also do so because the next president is going to be either be Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. If you think otherwise, you’re simply delusional. I know that must hurt to hear but someone needs to say it. It’s either Trump or Hillary the sooner people realize that the better. My bashing of Trump is not going to help split the democrat and liberal vote.

When it comes to supporting a third party candidate like Jill Stein if your spending your time bashing Hillary Clinton you’re risking a Trump Presidency. If you want to talk about Steins accomplishments, fine. However, attacking Hillary is only helping Donald Trump become the next president. Think about it. You’re not helping Jill Stein at all by attacking Hillary Clinton. All you’re doing is pissing off those of us that do and to top it off, you’re not even giving us a reason to support Jill Stein. You’re just bashing Hillary. How do you think that’s going to change the mind of someone who supports Hillary?

You want to change my mind? Convince me first that at this late stage of the game, Jill Stein has a realistic chance of winning. Then, convince me that she is better qualified than Hillary. Tell me of of her accomplishments that make her a better choice. Tell me about her great diplomatic experiences. Show me how she is prepared to battle ISIS? If you can’t do that then maybe you need to reconsider things more than I do. Don’t do what’s best for you, do what’s best for this country.

Jill Stein hasn’t impressed me. But, I will admit I hadn’t researched her much. When I saw that she supports the anti-vax movement a few months ago, that was all I needed to know about her. You can try to claim that she doesn’t, but she does. It’s obvious to anyone that she is playing to both sides on the subject. She is trying to say that she supports vaccines while refusing to condemn the anti-vaxers. She goes even further by acknowledging their idiotic views.

As I said, the next president is either going to be Trump or Hillary. By attacking Hillary all your doing is causing doubt in the only candidate that stands a chance to beat Donald Trump. Attacking Hillary Clinton only helps Trump. I’m sorry you believe all the lies about Hillary. But, if you honestly think Trump is better for this country than Hillary Clinton you’re an idiot and I don’t think anyone is an idiot for supporting Jill Stein. What I do think is that those supporting Jill or Gary Johnson are doing more harm to this country than good. Though your motives maybe be noble and full of good intentions, the road to Hell, is in fact, paved with good intentions. You need to wake up and see the truth of the matter.

What it comes down to is that when you attack Hillary with unfounded accusation and lies, you’re no better than Trump and his idiot supporters. Be better than that. Wake up and accept the reality. Jill Stein is not going to win. It’s either Trump or Hillary. You’re either going to vote for Hillary or you’re going to allow to Trump win because you can’t past yourself. Don’t let that happen.

Here are some articles I found that should be enough to convince a logical open-minded person that Jill Stein is not worth voting for.

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The list is endless. These aren’t factless accounts and conspiracy theories. These are all things she thinks and has said. Nothing here is made up. I understand that some don’t like Hillary. It’s just that, this is such a laughable excuse. We are so close to a Trump presidency and there are those out there handing it to him by supporting these third party candidates. These people aren’t going to win, they have no chance of winning. Just because you want to believe it, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

Please do this country a favor and vote for Hillary. The only way Hillary Clinton could loose is if she doesn’t get enough votes. We already know there’s a ton of flat out idiots that are going to vote for Donald Trump. Hillary needs every sane vote and right now, there are too many well–intentioned people who just don’t like Hillary so they won’t vote for her. Don’t let Trump win because you don’t like Hillary.

And, one last thing to further support my ideology on the matter. Do you remember what a disaster Bush Jr. was? He was a failed president by the end of his first term and he barely won his second term. Why did he barley win? Because there was a 3rd party candidate that far too many democrats and independents decided to vote for. Thanks to those people, we got four more years of Bush Jr. and his failed policies. He failed to hunt down Osama, he crashed the economy and came a heartbeat away from causing an actual depression. Think about that before you decide to put this country at risk again because voting for a 3rd party candidate is exactly what you’re doing.