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Why I Am Supporting Hillary Clinton and Not Bernie Sanders…

I need to start this by saying, I’m not a huge fan of either candidate. I respect both of them but don’t feel strongly towards either one of them. I can say, that some Bernie’s supporters are really helping me to turn against him. Some of these people are being so hypocritical and so blind to the realities of the world, it’s simply staggering. There are some real problems with Bernie that some of his supporters are in complete denial about. Hillary has got some issues as well but her supporters are far less annoying and far more factual in my experiences on social media though they are not why I am supporting Hillary Clinton and not Bernie Sanders at this time.

I don’t make my decisions on who to vote for based on who supports them. However, I do research claims that supporters make about the candidates. I don’t re-tweet political memes without fact checking them first. Wish more people would do that. If they did, I am guessing there wouldn’t be as many republicans and there wouldn’t be as many Bernie supporters because time after time their memes and other statements full of misleading or factual errors and sometimes both.

However, because I fact check many of the things that Hillary and Bernie supporters have been saying about the candidates, I have learned a lot about each one. I have gone through many changes during this election process so far. I was really considering supporting Bernie. However, the more I learned about him, the more cautious I have become and I have outlined a few of those concerns below.

First, his tax plan is completely unfair to the rich. Shocking, I would stick up for the rich, considering how damn poor I am. His apparent hatred of capitalism is disturbing to me. I thought at first he wanted what I did and that is for the rich to pay their fair share. That’s not the case, he wants to tax the shit out of them. How is that fair at all? It’s not. Expecting someone to pay more than 60% of their earnings in taxes is not fair, I don’t care if they are rich or poor, we should all be treated equally.

Second, he’s weak on guns. He supports protecting gun manufactures from lawsuits. Yet, he goes after “Big Tobacco” and seemingly has no problem with lawsuits against them. Hypocrite much? What I find even more absurd is that many of the people supporting him completely disagree with many of the stands he has taken on gun control but for some reason, they just don’t seem to care.

Third, his somewhat delusional plan to break up the banks. I am confident that if he got his way with the banks, he would cause a financial collapse of epic proportions. I don’t say that lightly. I am not a fan of banks. However, they serve a purpose and no one should be penalized for making money and that seems to be his whole agenda, if it makes a lot of money then it’s bad. What banks and big business should be penalized for are deceitful business tactics. The focus, in my humble opinion, needs to be on a better regulated banking industry, not the complete destruction of it.

In conclusion, I just don’t see Bernie Sanders as having a realistic or at times even a rational plan to solve some of our greatest problems. Yes, I he does have many solid points. He has strong stands on things I agree with such as the environment. However, when I learned that he decided to ship toxic waste to a poor community in Texas, it became obvious that the environment isn’t his top concern as he often implies and that’s his stance is more of a “Not in my backyard” attitude and that helps no one and thus I am supporting Hillary Clinton.

I think gun violence is one of the biggest problems we have in this country. You can ignorantly fear Muslims in this country but Christians are killing more with guns in this country than Muslims or refugees and immigrants. I have a hard time backing any candidate that preaches about control and then votes against it so often.

Who's More Progressive? Clinton or SandersSome reasons why I am supporting Hillary Clinton. Hillary has experience. She’s dealt with world leaders. She’s much stronger on guns than Bernie is. Yes, she has her weak points but she has a record of finding her way to the right side of things. No one is perfect, Bernie hasn’t always been on the right side of the issues as he so often likes to claim either and his record clearly shows that. Hillary Clinton also has a realistic tax plan. And, there’s something Hillary recently said, that I have felt for years now and that is, if Obama trusted her enough to name her Secretary of State, then it’s a pretty strong endorsement of her character.

The last time she was being interrogated by those republican wackos on their Benghazi witch hunt I sat through the entire hearing. She never wavered. She stood up to those morons and didn’t back down once. Hearing after hearing and they haven’t found a single thing she did wrong. They’ve made up a lot of stuff and have blamed her for a lot of stuff. There were things that could have been differently but none of that was her fault. If the republicans actually gave a shit about the security of our embassy’s than they probably should have voted to increase security spending. But, as usual, they refuse to take any action and then blame everyone else when the shit hits the fan.

Now all that being said, what you won’t find me doing throughout this election process is making extreme statements that hurt either candidate. One of these two people are going to be the nominee for the Democratic party and I will, without question, support either one for the office of President of the United States of America. And remember anytime you want to bad mouth Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, just remember that it’s down to one Democrat and one Republican the republicans are going to use every single critique you made against the Hillary or Bernie. Every attack against the other is helping the republican party. If you want to support Bernie or Hillary try focusing on the issues and not the attacks. We are so extremely lucky to have the two candidates that we do, attacking either them is stupid and hurtful on every conceivable level.

There is too much at stake to even suggest voting for any republican candidate. And, considering, I used to be a republican, it means a lot coming from me. The Republican party has lost it’s way. Both parties have nutjobs in them. However, at this time, the republicans are being led by those nutters and cannot be trusted. The republican candidates for President are an embarrassment to this country and the ideals for which it stands for. I simply do not trust anyone who supports that party or even suggests supporting the republican party.


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