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It’s been a while since I’ve had a good rant.  Sure, something almost every day pisses me off enough to rant about.  But sadly, I have a life and a job and I just don’t have the time to rant about everything stupid in the world.  I would love to, someday I hope to.  But, for now, I rant here when I just can’t take it any more.  So bare with me here as I eventually get to the point.  I am gonna have to build up to it.  This rant has been years in the making and I finally came to a decision in my life and that decision is simple.  I will no longer show as much restraint when dealing with stupid people.

It’s not easy for me to control my outrage at stupidity and hypocrisy.  I try to be politically correct, I try so hard.  But, it’s just not worth it.  Sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire.  You have to stand up to stupid.  Because when it goes ignored by the majority, it grows!  It becomes huge!  And, before you know it, the stupid has grown so much that it cries out for it’s own political party.  It’s wants to be treated as an equal.  Good people, don’t know how to react to that so they just continue to accept it and shake their heads.  I will no longer do that.  Stupid needs to be pointed out.  And, if you’re one of the stupid.  Please just give me a minute or two here and reading what I have to say, and you still think I am wrong, that’s ok.  Some people are just born stupid, it’s not your fault.  Just accept your stupidness and let those smarter than you speak and shut the fuck up already.  Oh, and please stop breeding.

I have been a republican most of my life.  I have been proud of that fact.  I always believed that we should be speak softly but carry a big stick.  I believe that we should lead the world by example.  It is never our place to tell anyone else how to live.  I still believe these things deeply.  However, over the past decade or so my party changed.  It became hateful and ruled by fear.  I understood the change but I was still ashamed by it.

The right wing, conservative, christian crazy people somehow took control of the party.  Lies slowly became the truth to them.  They stopped listening.  All they could see was fear and hate and the started shitting on everything this country holds dear. They took away our rights one by one in the name of national security.  They tortured people in the name of national security and they lied constantly through the whole process.  They lied so much and with such sincerity that people just started to believe it.

I voted for Bush Jr. the first time.  I had always voted republican.  I supported Bush.  I believed in him and when my liberal friends whined about the things he was doing I would defend him. This went on for the first few years of his presidency.  But, it was getting more and more difficult to defend him because even I was starting to question what the fuck he was doing.

When a man I had a utmost respect for, Colin Powell sat before the UN and held up a small vial and said just that much anthrax could hundreds of thousands of people I believed him.  When he went step by step and pointed out how Iraq was developing WMD’s, I believed him.  We had to attack him.  I was already sold on it actually.  I believed in the UN resolutions against Iraq that promised an attack if he failed to comply with those resolutions.  Clinton had let him slide on that for too long.  And, now Iraq is making WMD’s and supporting the terrorists of 9/11.  Well, enough was enough, he had to go, war was the rally cry and supported it completely.

Then something happened.  There was no WMD’s.  There was no ties to 9/11 terrorists until we went to war with Iraq.  It all had been lies!  Bush and Powell lied to our faces.  They used fear and intimidation to go to war and it worked perfectly.  I became ashamed that I was lied to like that.

Now, let me say, I know politicians lie.  The best you can do is vote is for the one that you think is lying to you the least and hope for the best.  I am realist, I understand that.  However, when you attack a country first, and your sole reasoning is based on a lie, well, that’s not only over the line, it’s criminal. After that I could no longer vote for Bush.

It didn’t matter though.  Bush won a second term to complete amazement.   It was no secret that he lied.  Not enough people cared.  Fear is a powerful motivator and when you party is telling to be afraid, no matter how many times they lied to you, they might be telling the truth this time so it’s better to be safe than sorry.  I get it now.  I am still ashamed of those who voted a second time for him.  But, I get it.

Even though Bush said that the hunt for Osama was no longer his number one priority he still won?  He lied, he waged an unjust war, supported torture and still he won?  Never underestimate fear as a motivator and always look twice at whoever is promoting it.

The Bush era finally came to an end with a historic election.  Americans were so fed up with the worst economy since the great depression that they not only voted for a liberal democrat, he was liberal and black!  If I was shocked a democrat won I was happily beside myself when it was a black man very little experience.  For the first time since Reagan was president I was proud of my country!  Sure I was always proud to be an American no president made me truly proud and hopeful since Reagan.

Change was theme and President Obama tried.  I mean, this president has been disrespected since the campaign trail and it only got worse after he won.   During the campaign they tried to tie him to domestic terrorism, hoping the key word terrorist would be enough to scare off voters.  The used his middle name in a bigoted attempt to scare off voters.  Republicans tried to say he wasn’t a christian, he was a Muslim. They even went as far as to claim that he wasn’t  born in the US.

Let’s talk about that for a minute if you don’t mind.  He had a copy of birth certificate posted on his website pretty much the whole campaign.  Republicans still claimed he wasn’t a natural born citizen.  The proof was there and they still didn’t believe it!  How fucking dense can some people be?  Even after proving the long form birth certificate, it wasn’t enough.  That was faked to they said.  Really?

I remember surfing YouTube.  There were hundreds of links to videos claiming to have audio or video proof that Obama wasn’t a natural born citizen.  So, you watch the video and every single was the same bullshit.  It was some dumbass saying that his video had been removed by YouTube or the government but in the actual video Obama said during a debate years earlier while running for the senate that he could never be president because he wasn’t born in the US.  Here’s the thing about that. It never happened!  Not only could never find that video or that audio, no one supposedly involved in the debate came forward.  No transcripts, no audio, no video ever came out.  Now really, if you’re so stupid that you still believe that.   How do you explain that?  Wouldn’t his losing opponent come forward?  Someone who was there?  Hundreds of video cameras, a televised debate and no one has a copy?  Really?  Well, the answer is simple, it never happened you morons!  Those involved said it didn’t happen.  So it never happened.  It was just lie told by an idiot that got repeated, and repeated until in some folks eyes, it became the truth.

The economy over the past 22 months or so steadily increased.  Fact!  It can not be denied.  Obama ended the war in Iraq his first term.  McCain said it couldn’t be done safely.  Obama did it.  Fact!  The terrorist, Muslim Obama gave the order to raid a small compound to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden.  Fact!

None of this is good enough for the republicans.  Bush couldn’t fix the economy, he couldn’t capture or kill Osama given at least opportunities that I am aware.  Instead he let him slide.  You can’t rule by fear if you catch the boogyman can you.  So he never went after Osama.

President Obama has done more in his first term to heal this country and it’s relations with the rest of the world than Bush Jr. did in two terms. Fact!  If you think differently, you’re an idiot.  But, don’t take my word for it.  As your friends to be honest with you and if they’re really your friends, they will tell you you’re an idiot.  And if you don’t trust my facts, look them up!  But, try legitimate news sources.

Now, President Obama is fighting for his second term.  He actually has to fight for it.  Really? He’s struggled with name calling, lies, and a total lack of respect from the republicans for the past 4 years and still he managed to get more done in one term than Bush could do in two.  How can it be that he has to fight so hard?  We should be thanking him!  But, no…  Republicans can’t have that.  They continue to lie and idiots continue to believe them.

President Obama Announces the Death of OsamaEven recently, republicans lost it when an add came out for Obama.  It wasn’t Obama’s ad, it was just put together by his party.  Not him and yet republicans say he is gloating over killing Osama.  In my personal opinion, he should gloat.  Maybe if he gloats enough the republicans will finally grasp the big picture here.  Obama gave the order to capture or kill the greatest threat to America since Hitler.  He didn’t gloat about it.  He stood in an empty hallway and and announced on National TV that Osama has been killed.  He didn’t cheer, he didn’t high five anyone or give a thumbs up.  He didn’t jump on a jet, land on a battle cruiser for a photo op and then go on National TV with a banner behind him proclaiming, “Mission Accomplished” to cheers of the military.  No, that was Bush that gloated and gloated.  And sadly, the mission wasn’t accomplished, the war still raged on.  Damn that was a long war, how did that war finally end?  Oh, that’s right Obama ended it.

Now the big issue is same sex marriage.  That’s republicans new mission of fear.  It’s the end of humanity if we allow it!  Really?  Who, a struggling economy.  No one cares, it’s all about gay marriage now.