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OMG! I Agreed With Something Glenn Beck Said…

Well, I hate to admit this but I actually with something Glenn Beck said and I’m not happy about it but when he’s right he’s right.  However, the rest of what he said was of course the usual bat shit crazy right wing paranoia bullshit.  But, he did bring up a good point that I have to agree with and I know I will be crucified by liberal brothers and sisters.  So I ask of you.  Please hear me out, and keep that open mind we pride ourselves on having.

Glenn Back Idiot As Usual - The King of DerpOkay, the setting.  Glenn Beck is on spewing his usual shit on FOX News and then he says this, “If I would have come home and there was a video of me sitting in that chair, my parents would have said to me, ‘What the hell were you even saying that brought that cop — why did somebody have to call a police officer in the first place on you?’ Beck said. ‘You obey the police officer, period.’

He’s absolutely right with this point.  My parents would have said the same thing.  However, my parents would have gone ballistic if I was assaulted like this by the cops.  But, there’s no denying there is an issue at hand here that is ignored all too often by the media. And, the simple fact is that in almost every single case of police brutality I have ever seen and it almost always starts with someone failing to comply with the lawful orders given by the police. Bad things are going to happen when you smart of to someone that has a gun and radio they can use to call more people with guns.

I have sat, jaw dropped, watching the complete disrespect shown to the police in almost all of these abuse videos I have see.  Time after time I see people refusing to comply with the lawful orders of the police and it really pisses me off. I’m not gonna lie.  It offends me terribly.  However, what bothers me even more, is the complete and utter overreaction by these police officers.  It’s one thing to maybe slam someone a little hard on the hood of the car. It’s quite another to beat the living shit out of them or kill them just because they mouthed off or dared to just drive away.

Yes, there have been times that cops have, with no apparent reason, assaulted someone. And, those truly sicken  and disturb me.  But, once again, this isn’t about that. This is about another person’s disrespect  of a cop with the usual, “you can’t tell me what to do” attitude.  We all have seen this time and time again. It is not racist to point this out.  It needs to be talked about because it is a serious problem and it’s getting a lot of people beat and often killed by the police.

Yes, I absolutely agree that no one should be getting beat down and or killed by the police for simply arguing with them or for just disagreeing with them.  Yes, these acts of police brutality are by far the bigger problem.  And, I find it disturbing that the idiots at FOX News can’t seem to grasp this.  No one should be beaten or killed for mouthing off to a cop.  It has got to stop.  And, I hate to say it but it has become abundantly clear that it’s a race issue.  If it wasn’t a race issue, we would see just as many videos of the beating and killing white people.  Yes, it happens.  But, even the slowest of FOX News viewers have got to see these constant abuses as at least being worthy of investigating.

Today, the South Carolina Deputy, Ben Field was fired for his actions.  Based only upon what I saw, I have to agree with this decision.  There are levels that must be met before a cop can show a use of force.  The very first step is verbal commands.  I don’t know how long the cop attempted to get the girl to leave the class before he went straight to flipping her desk over and then flinging her from across the room. But, it doesn’t matter.  You don’t go straight from verbal commends to ass kicking unless there is a serious threat of bodily harm to the officer or civilians.  There didn’t appear to be any justification for the cops actions at all.

I know a little about this because I have the rare perspective of being on both sides of the law.  I was cop and I have also, sadly, done time.  I have the greatest respect for cops.  I have never mouthed off to a cop and I have always treated them respect.  Well, I may have thrown out a couple mildly humors and witty retorts while be under arrest.  But, I know that most cops are truly good and decent people that do a job that just cannot be understood unless you’ve been there.

We also have to accept that cops are human and we have to stop expecting them to not be.  You can’t always control the adrenaline that courses through your veins and it’s not right to expect any cop to go from 100 on the stress level to 0 at the drop of a hat.  But, at the same time, we have got to do something about the level of abuse we are seeing from the police.  This level of abusive behavior is simply not acceptable and should not be tolerated at all.  No one should ever be seriously beaten or killed because because they mouthed off to a cop. Police departments have got to work on their use of force policies.  The use of force we see should match the resistance and we’re just not seeing that in so many of these brutality cases.

In conclusion, yes I understand the frustration of the shallow and the ignorant FOX News mentality who think that if people would just comply with the lawful orders given by the police that most of the brutality cases and deaths would have never occurred.  I too agree with that 100% but… What they don’t understand is that this is not the issue. They did mouth off, they did refuse lawful orders and though I believe the police should be allowed a little leeway here, by enlarge, the responses we are seeing by many cops is completely over the top and in most cases, positively criminal. It has got to stop and we all need to take a look at this from every angle.  We need better and more effective training for our police officers.  Because I don’t care how much a someone mouths off to a cop, it is never an excuse to beat the shit out of another human being. Never.  And, anyone that says otherwise is so terribly shallow and morally wrong.