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How Can You Be Pro-Life And Against Gun Control?

I have always asked this and thus far no one has gave a compelling answer to my question.  The other day I got into a flame war on Twitter with someone that proudly threw around his idiotic, irrational, right wing, pro-life bullshit rhetoric.  He came off to me as lazy and stupid and I just have no tolerance for people like that.  I try so hard to be nice to them but I lose control every time and I brake my golden rule, “People deserve respect, ideas don’t.”   I really need to make more of an effort to focus my name calling to the ideal and not the person because when I call someone a dumbass what I really mean is that their idea was a dumbass idea not that they themselves are a dumbass.  Though, they probably are a dumbass  but I don’t know them well enough to make it a statement of fact.

This guys right-wing statements were inflammatory, totally unfair and showed a complete ignorance about Planned Parenthood.  I re-tweeted his stupidity while making a comment on his ignorance.  He then asked me to explain, and I did.  He then asked me to show what other good Planned Parenthood does.  At this point my level of anger rose because I know people with idiot ideals like this guy and I know that no matter what I point out, no matter what facts I present he isn’t going to accept them.  It’s what the right-wing does.  Deny, lie or present half-truths and when that doesn’t work they try to scare you and fill your head all kinds of paranoia.  I tell him to go look it up himself and then he implies that I didn’t list any good that Planned Parenthood does because they don’t.  I was busy with other things, I had no time at all for his bullshit.  However, later that day I did have the time and posted an article that outlined all the good Planned Parenthood does.  Not surprisingly, as predicted, he dismissed it all claiming that non of it was worth killing babies for. When I more or less asked him, “How Can You Be Pro-Life And Against Gun Control?” he went silent.

There is something innately futile and at the very least terribly difficult in dealing with hypocrites because they are too blinded by their own bullshit to see anything other than what they want to see.  Yet, I continued to do so anyway.  So, I asked him if he believed in the 2nd Amendment.   And, of course he does.  In fact, he said, he would use it to protect his babies.  And, I wanted to laugh.  Think about that statement he just made, what he’s saying is that life is sacred if it’s an embryo, but once it’s born, he will kill it in a second if it threatens his kids.  Okay, I can accept that.  What I can’t accept is that he wants Planned Parenthood closed because it kills babies.  Well, the 2nd Amendment kills kids, kills women, kills men and he has no problem whatsoever with supporting it.  You can’t use the excuse that Planned Parenthood is bad because it kills babies and flat out ignore all the good they do then turn around and accept the 2nd Amendment while ignoring all the people that die because of it.  That is the very definition of a hypocrite.  Sadly, people that using this kind of heinous fuckery as logic are simply too stupid, too shallow or too blind to grasp their own hypocrisy it’s those very qualities that make a person a right-wing nutjob.

If more people would step back and just accept that the 2nd Amendment needs to be better defined.  I have no problems with people having guns.  I don’t want to take them away.  However, I don’t believe that everyone should be allowed to have one.  I believe we probably need not only need stricter gun laws but more importantly we need to first start enforcing the gun laws that we do have.  We can’t begin to effectively write new gun laws without seeing what the effect of actually fully enforcing the current gun will have. Even the most insignificant of gun crimes needed to be treated with extreme prejudice.  But, this is rant for another time.

The point to this rant is that people have got to start seriously looking at what they believe.  We take many of our own beliefs for granted.  Like the guy with the idiotic ideals I was debating has.  He obviously has a strong belief that abortion is murder and the government shouldn’t fund murder.  Maybe if one truly believes that then one should really think about why they believe that.  Is it because they believe that it’s a life and therefore sacred?  Are they religious and believe “Thou shalt not kill?”  And, if so, apply that train of thought to things like the death penalty or the 2nd Amendment, and war.  Apply it to issues like gun control as well.  Because if someone is more concerned with the life of an embryo than they are with all the lives lost to gun violence then they truly are, as I said before, shallow, stupid or blind.  If you think Planned Parent is bad because it “kills” babies, regardless of all the good it does and yet you support the 2nd Amendment then you don’t really care about life as much as you think you do.  And, maybe if you try real hard you could maybe see how some people could support a woman’s right to choose and yet will vehemently be against the 2nd Amendment or at the very least support more effect gun control laws.