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Futility of Google SEO and Bad Horror Movies…

I got my first real PC in 1998.  Sure I had a Texas Instruments thing in the early 80’s but it wasn’t so much a PC as it was a keyboard that attached to a TV allowing me to write programs in Basic.  This is not to say that I am an expert in when it comes SEO or even computers.  I am however not a noob and have known enough to have made a living working online since the late 90’s. So when I talk about the futility of Google SEO I know a little of which I am speaking.

Of all the domains I have owned I have only one that I cannot get Google to rank favorably.  I of course use their clusterfuck assortment of “Webmaster Tools” and I can honestly it’s gotten to the point that it’s become all fucking giberish to me now.  I have talked to experts in the field and I have come to the conclusion that they are mostly all full of shit.  It is impossible to know or even begin to understand the complexity of whatever in the fuck Google is doing with their “algorithms” and its all become quite absurd.

I don’t blame Google, I don’t blame them one bit. There are so many cheats in this world that they are always having to build a better mousetrap.  It’s just that the “little guy” people like me have to suffer for it.  I have spent a few months now trying to get this one site to rank well for one search term and nothing I have done has improved it’s ranking.  I have even looked for a simple contact page for Google and it doesn’t seem to exist.  Oh, I am sure it’s there but I can’t fucking find and I know how to surf and search a site.

What I can find is there is webmaster forum but I don’t like to be doing my business all out in public like that.  Yes, the irony of me now ranting is in fact doing my business in public, it’s not lost on me.  But, what I mean is that I want to talk to someone at Google that hopefully knows what in the hell they are doing.  I don’t want to talk to a bunch of people on a forum and get the same answers I have already discovered on my own.

My site Bad Horror Movies is fun hobby for me.  Though I kind of need to sell it as fast as possible.  It would be nice if it ranked on Google in the top spot or at least on the first page. It doesn’t.  At last I checked it was ranked 488 or maybe it was 388?  That’s pretty much like not ranking at all.  Bad Horror Movies is 3rd on most other search engines.

I have no clue why it won’t rank high when one does a search for “bad horror movies.” It would seam to me that if you actually have the domain for the search term and it’s an active domain with fresh, real hand written content that it would rank higher than the ridiculous crap that consists of most of the pages listed for that search term. But, nooooo!  For whatever reason Google seems to hate Bad Horror Movies.

At first I thought I was doing something wrong and I went to Google’s Webmaster Tools to see if it could find something.  Trying to figure that stuff out was like trying to learn speak Mandarin with a French accent.  From what I could tell I couldn’t find anything in there that would cause this page to not have a favorable ranking.

The next logical step was that it had to be something I screwed up with the SEO plugin I was using?  That doesn’t seem to be it.  Maybe it was a plugin I had deactivated like the All In One SEO plugin I had been using.  Doesn’t seem to be that either, I have since completely deleted that plugin as well as every other plugin that I am not using.  Nothing has changed my rank in Google.

I design websites for a living and offer SEO help and I have always been successful at SEO.  I try to keep with the insane changes and for the most part, I have found, keeping it simple has always worked well when it comes to SEO and the thousands and thousands of dollars I have seen people pay for help with it is usually a waste of money.  They could hire someone like that will help them out honestly without resulting to any Black Hat crap. Anyways, when it come to this one site, Bad Horror Movies I just can’t get it to rank at all well in Google and it’s beyond frustrating that there’s no serious help for the little guy.

Maybe having Bad Horror Movies horror movies linked to on this site, that does rank well on Google will help it out.  I sadly really, really need to sell the site. It’s an awesome domain name but having it rank well on Google is always a strong selling point.  I hope this helps because it not ranking is going to cost me a lot of money that I just can’t afford to lose right now.

Anyways, if you actually read this rant, sorry.  Sometimes you just can’t hold it in and just have to rant.