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Sir Richard Branson And Celebrity Apprentice…

I have thought for a long time now that NBC should part ways with Donald Trump for several reasons.  One, he’s an idiot.  Sure, he’s an idiot with money.  And, how he’s managed to make so much money after having filed for bankruptcy 4 times is now?  Seriously, that is worthy of rant of it’s own but I am not hear to talk about that.  Two, he’s pretty much outted himself as a racist now.  And, sadly he’s too shallow to even understand why everyone but other racists are angry with him.  Now that Trump has been fired, it’s time they get a better host for The Celebrity Apprentice.  Sir Richard Branson should host Celebrity Apprentice…

I will admit that I love the Celebrity Apprentice.  The only thing I haven’t liked about it is that Trump himself was on it.  The man is such a train wreck of a human being.  From raising two sons that get off on killing Trump Jr. Animal Killerendangered animals to that stupid haircut.  It’s like some weird fucking animal died on his head.  Seriously, if you’re hair looks so bad that everyone thinks that it’s a toupee, it’s probably time to get a fucking haircut.  But more importantly than that.  He is so philosophically shallow it’s offensive and his most recent racist comments against Mexico and it’s immigrates are unbelievable!  The worst part is that he is completely unapologetic about it.  It’s been days since he called Mexican immigrants “rapists” and he has since stated several times that he stands by what he says!

Anyways…  So why should NBC go with someone likeTrumps kids killing animals Sir Richard Branson to host the popular show.  Well, he’s not a douchebag, so he’s already got Trump beat.  He actually tries to help humanity.  I’m not saying he’s perfect.  No one is.  It’s just that he’s on the cutting edge of today’s business world.  He’s innovative, seems to care about his fellow man and when he donates to charity he actually seems like he does it because he wants to and not because he has to.

I realize that one of the reasons people watched The Celebrity Apprentice was because it was fun to watch trump fire people because he’s just such a douchebag and so full of himself it’s almost hypnotic in some strange way.  But, just imagine actually having someone host the show that actually gave a shit about it’s contestants.  That presented challenges for the celebrities that not only were designed to raise money for charities but perhaps the challenges themselves could be more useful.  Instead of every challenge being about creating an ad for some business that really doesn’t need any help, how about they do it for some charities and business that do need help.

How about a challenge that is designed to raise awareness for a cause.  As of right now the celebs are tasked with creating some kind of ad for a corporation and the best ad wins some money for their charity.  Why not make the challenge have some depth from time to time. Why not make a challenge that requires the celebrities to create ads for a charity.  How interesting would it be to see these celebrities have to get their hands dirty and spend a few days creating ads for local homeless shelters or food banks?  Another challenge could be to create an ad for a local small business.  Because let’s be honest, LG doesn’t need the Celebrity Apprentice to create an ad for them.  Why not create an ad campaign for a small business that could really use the boost.  Now that would be fascinating!  Have these celebrities fly into small town USA and help create an ad for Joe’s Hardware.  It could literally change people’s lives forever.

There are so many ways the show could be improved to be not only fun but important.  Thought provoking even.  And, someone like Sir Richard Branson would be an ideal candidate for the show because that’s what he does already in so many ways.

That’s my idea to save the show.  NBC has a great chance to do something worthwhile and entertaining.  I’m hoping they choose to wisely.