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If a Tree Falls in the Forest…

I just opened an energy drink but I need to go shopping.  I don’t want to bring the drink with me as it will just get warm in the car, it’s almost 100 degrees outside.  So, I need to kill some time as I finish my low calorie, low sugar Rockstar tasty beverage.  While taking a sip I was reminded of that old saying, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

I have long since been of the opinion that it does not, though conventional science pretty much proves me wrong.  I don’t have time to recall the exact science at the moment, this is just a short rant.  I only recall it had to do with the tree falling creating sound waves.  If there’s sound waves, then there is sound, end of story.  I still disagree but only because I don’t fully under the science because I haven’t taken a serious amount of time to look it.  If it’s really true and the facts support it, I will certainly change my opinion.

Here’s why, at this moment, I am of the opinion that it does not make a sound.  Sound, as I understand it, is nothing but vibrations passing through the air or a result of passing through the air.  That vibration, I don’t believe, makes a noise.  It takes the mechanism of a function ear to translate that vibration into what we perceive as sound.  Without that ear those vibrations simply continue on a quick path to nothingness.

I should really do some research on this.  I know the answers are just a Google search away but I am now just a few short sips away from finishing my drink and have no time for it.  However, I think if I have time later, I will look into it and report my findings here…  Because this is serious need to know stuff!