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Finding Bigfoot

Discovery Channel and Animal Planet are two of my most favorite stations. ” Dirty Jobs”, “Animal Cops”, “Mythbusters”, “Man, Woman, Wild”, “Deadliest Catch” and even “Bear Grylls”. Some fun, entertaining shows and most of them are most of important of all, educational.  Then there’s the total crap shows, Finding Bigfoot, Lost Tapes and a few others. Shows with so much potential but are ruined with misinformation and stupidity.

Now, I will admit that as bad as Lost Tapes is, I totally enjoy the show.  I know it’s fake, I know these aren’t real videos of real peoples last moments.  I get it.  However, people are for the most total morons and believe everything they see when it’s presented as a truth.  I assure you that there are a lot of people that watch Lost Tapes and believe it’s all real, I have met them.

I was in Laughlin maybe a year ago.  Sitting as usual at my black jack table  when two young Latino guys also at my table were talking to a third guy who was talking to the dealer about Vampires.  Now, it wasn’t a deep conversation.  It was actually just small talk about the Vampire Diaries I believe.  I was too busy unsuccessfully counting cards to pay much attention when one of the Latino kids says, “No man, Vampires are real! I saw it on Animal Planet, yo!”  His friend then jumps in and says something like, I saw this special, they found these tapes yo.  This family was terrorized by this monster vampire!”

I understand that Animal Planet implies the show is a complete fake by saying that the show is inspired the thought that such animal do exist.  But, they have got to understand, stupid don’t get that.  Hell, I didn’t get it at first either.  I watched the first episode and was blown away, I thought, “How in the hell did I never hear of this chick on a boat?”  I immediately went online and found so many others looking for answers as well.  After finding forum after forum with the topic, I found one that said it never happened.  It explained the myth and I was pissed!  How Animal Planet put out this war of the worlds type bullshit?  Then I saw another episode again and I paid more attention to the opening, “Inspired by the possibilities that animals like this exist.” Now I just think it’s a fun, entertaining show.  I just wish they’d make it more clear to us idiots that the show is just for fun.

Finding Bigfoot CrewFinding Bigfoot.  This takes stupidity and ignorance to a whole new level. Matt Moneymaker scares me. He can’t be as big of an idiot in real as he appears on the show. In every single episode this guy makes the most outrageous claims based on hearsay, conjecture and “eye witness reports”, oh and of course the occasional footprint. He really needs to learn about the scientific method. Now, I don’t claim to be a scientist but at least I have a the vaguest idea of how to research, document and conduct experiments. I know enough to know that just because you don’t have an answer for something doesn’t mean it’s Bigfoot.

Matt MoneymakerThis moron, just wants to believe in the creature so bad that he has lost all objectivity. This is how pretty much every show goes. Matt and his team show up and talk to some witnesses. Immediately Matt is convinced there is a Bigfoot out there. Next they take the witness out to the field and they get the big man Bobo to run, jump, skip or crawl in some manner that the “eye witness” saw the Bigfoot move. When Bobo can’t match it, Matt declares that it’s obviously a Bigfoot. If Bobo can match it, Matt pretty much ignores it and continues on until he gets to something that they can’t explain and then will declare that it’s a Bigfoot.

I would so love to go along with these people for a few trips if anything to add some objectivity to the show. The “scientist” on the show Ranae Holland never seems to get her objections listened to. Maybe the just edit them out? But, I can’t believe someone with a science researchers background like her’s isn’t laughing at him non-stop for Matt’s outrageous claims.

This show has so many possibilities but Matt’s total ignorance of science is just so laughable it makes the show a total joke. I want to like it, I want to believe in Bigfoot. I want to believe the possibility of that and so much more. But, I am not going to jump on the “It’s a Squatch!” Bandwagon based on the evidence presented in this show because Matt righteously announces that everything he hears is proof!