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I’m Probably Not Going To Handle Artificial Intelligence Very Well…

A.I. (artificial intelligence) is going to be really hard for people like myself to deal with.  And, the more life like in appearance the harder it will be.  Honestly, the other day I did a voice search on my phone, it was something like, “OK, Google. Daisy Ridley nude scenes.” because, sadly, I’m a dude. Anyways, as the female voice responded, I actually said “thank you” when she was done speaking.


Now consider that’s just a programmed voice on a smart phone. Imagine being able to have casual conversations with them, it’s already starting to happen.  Now, imagine that happening with dolls, teddy bears and other animated things.  I have been brought to near tears over having to throw away old clothes I loved.  I can’t imagine owning an electronic pet or someday maybe an actual android.  People, including myself will defend them with their lives, I have no doubt.  Seriously, if someone was threatening my cat, I would go all De Niro as Al Capone on them. “I want him dead! I want his family dead!” I wouldn’t care if that pet was a robot that looked like a dog or person that I had a personal relationship with.

Robert De Niro As Al Capone In The Untouchables

I am excited for the future and I think the coming advancements in artificial intelligence will be incredible to see but they are no doubt going to change everything. Very soon, the things we see as science fiction are going to be reality. Mock me if you will but in the next hundred if humanity can survive that long republicans will be protesting marriage between androids, and androids and humans.  It’s going to happen and it will be fascinating to see.  Just hope I am around long enough to see it all.