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I’m All About the News…

I watch a lot of news.  Read a lot of it online.  I check my sources before I post things. I pride myself on it.  While I see some friends make ridiculous posts on Facebook and Twitter about everything from politics to pseudo-science.  I’m the guy that will stop and research what they have ignorantly and sometimes quite innocently claim is fact.

I don’t fact check my friends posts as much any more just because I have a life, I was spending all day researching their idiotic posts and it was just driving me crazy.  And, to be honest, I know it was pissing them off.  No one wants to look like an idiot and it’s hard sometimes to correct someone and not make them look like a complete dumbass.  And, it’s even harder to to correct someone and not make yourself look like a complete asshole.

So last night as climbed into bed I was scrolling my notifications on my cheap and old Samsung tablet.  I pretty much only use it as TV.  It sits on my nightstand and I use it primarily to fall asleep to a TV show or movie.  However, as I am scrolling through all the news updates I had received throughout the day, picking and choosing the ones I want to click on to read more about I can’t help but think all the bad news there was today.  I think maybe I spend too much reading and watching the news?  Maybe I take life too seriously?  Maybe I take myself too seriously?

As I continue to scroll through my alerts it’s then that life reminds me that I’m not always such an uptight and raging intellectual asshole.  As I come to the end of alerts, there it is, a reminder that no matter how smart I think I am, no matter how sophisticated I kid myself that I am.  At the end of the day, I’m just a guy that still finds a good fart sound funny…