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Bear Eludes Capture by Flying Away in Colorado…

Officials in Montclair, Colorado started receiving calls early Monday morning about a “Black Bear on the loose” in the rural town of Montclair, Colorado Said Det. Lt. Angel Roman.

Stacy Frackleback of Montclair said, “The bear was surrounded by the cops and then one of the guys from Fish & Game was about to shoot the bear with on of those tranquilizer things and that’s when “Scooter” the bear just up and flew away!”  Frackleback went on to say that the bear had been seen a lot recently rummaging through peoples trash but always ran off when it saw people.  She continued, “But, this was the first time we ever saw it fly!  I wouldn’t have believed if I hadn’t seen it myself!”  Frackleback said she hopes the bear comes back but fears the officers have scared him off for good this time.

Montclair Det. Lt. Angel Roman said in a statement that they will be working with the Department of Fish & Game the next few days in a joint stakeout in the hopes of catching the bear so that it can be safely euthanized and then studied.  When asked why the bear must killed the Department of Fish & Game because of it’s ability to fly they feel that may pose a serious threat to the community as well.  He continued, “This Black Bear also needs to be studied to determine if it’s ability to fly is just a fluke of nature or the next step in it’s evolutionary path.”

Flying Bear

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