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Problems Sending Emails With Suddenlink Wireless!

Problems Sending Emails With Suddenlink Wireless!

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I recently moved to Arizona and had to give up some of the goodies I had grown accustom to living in California.  One of those things was really fast internet.  Moving to a small city in Arizona, Bullhead City, to be exact, has been interesting to say the least.  But, those are rants for later time.  This my friends is a helpful post!

Suddenlink Email Problems, I’ve only had one.  Since having Suddenlink I have not been able to send emails using my laptop.  I had no idea why and since I rarely use my laptop it wasn’t a huge concern.  I use my desktop PC and that is hardwired to the internet.  No problems sending or receiving while hardwired to the internet.

I tried looking at Suddenlink’s website and couldn’t find an answer to my problem when I first encountered the problem.  Didn’t quickly find a solution and gave up for the moment.  Today I had a few extra minutes from ranting on Facebook and telling everyone how stupid and unenlightened they are and decided to call Suddenlink and figure this wireless problem out.  I spoke to Rose, no last name, I have no real idea why customer service people don’t have last names but I am guessing it makes it harder to call back and complain.

Rose and I chat about the problem for a bit.  I explain how I can send and receive email emails just find on my PC that is hardwired to the internet.  However, my laptop that is using the wireless cannot send emails, it only receives them.  Very quickly she learns that it’s a port issue.  Something I suspected as I couldn’t imagine after all my previous testing.  She gave me a couple of port options and the problem was solved.

So if you’re using something like Outlook to send and receive your email, you visit Suddenlink’s help page by Clicking Here.  Or simply just edit your outgoing mail ports to either 587 or 465 of SSL.

Here’s a quick screen grab I took to point out where should be looking within Outlook to change your outgoing mail port.

Ok, first thing, go to your account settings.  This should normally be under “Tools”  Select the account you want to change.  Normally you can just double click that email account and it will open up the “Internet E-mail Settings dialog box.  Then click the “More Settings” button or tab.  In the next dialog box look for the “Advanced” tab and then change the Outgoing SMTP port from the probably 25 that it’s at to either:

Outgoing mail port: 25 or 587
Outgoing mail port (SSL): 465