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Dear Jeb Bush…

Dear Jeb Bush…

Dear Jeb Bush…

So you’re doing horrible in the polls.  There’s a reason for that.  Well, there’s many reason for that actually.  One of them would be for standing by your brother in defense of the Iraq war and even going as far as trying to re-write history calling up his many fails as, “heroic acts of courage.”  You can’t honestly be that delusion can you?  It was a rhetorical question, no need to answer.  We already know the answer.

Your deluded statement got me thinking about your brothers failed presidency.  Maybe I was recalling his presidency in error?  So I had a little look back it and I’m inviting you along for this trip down a factual memory lane.  Surely there must be many acts of heroism committed by him and his administration.  So please, bare with me as I try to recall some.

Well, I remember that time when your brother sat cowardly in front of school room filled with children while this great country was being attacked on September 11th.  Literally, he just sat there looking clueless as usual.  He had to be told more than once before it seemed to sink through that very thick skull of his before he got his ass up to take charge.  Just sat there for how many minutes?  Not doing anything!  Just staring with a part blank, part dumbfounded look on his face that America got to know so well. Is that one of the acts of courage you’re talking about?

How about that time a few days after 9/11 when his administration allowed Bin Laden’s family to leave the country.  Probably the best lead we had at the moment and his administration just let them go with only a brief interview by the FBI.  Is this one of those “heroic” moments to which you refer?

Oh wait, was it the time he tried to start a war with Iraq over Saddam’s failure to comply to those U.N. resolutions? Oh wait, I know.  It was that time he lied to us and claimed that Iraq had the WMD’s.  Remember that? Let me remind you just in case.  He stood before this country making the case for war based on bad intelligence and lied about it to all of us. Then when that didn’t work, he lied to us again using our fear and anger against us claiming that Iraq was in cohorts with the terrorists.  Even when he was told they were not, your brother stood before us and lied to our collective faces so that he could start the war.

Was the heroic act of courage when again he sat on his ass, this time in San Diego, while thousands upon thousands suffered after Katrina?  How many died because of his inability to act, again!  But wait, I’m being unfair.  It really was FEMA’s job not the president’s job.  It really was FEMA that handled the tragedy so poorly.  You would think an organization like that would have been better prepared for, you know, an “emergency.”  I wonder why they handled it so badly?  If only FEMA had a better guy in charge, what a shame they didn’t.  I remember now.  His only real experience was running horse shows or something like that?  What idiot would hire someone like that to run such a critically important agency?  That’s right, it was your brother. Wow, even when it’s not your brothers fault, it’s still his fault.

I am also reminded of that time your brother stood on the deck of an aircraft carrier in a flight suit no less and proudly proclaimed “Mission Accomplished.”  What an incredible achievement!  Too bad, the mission was nowhere near being over.  In fact, if I’m not mistaken more of our brave men and women in the U.S. and allied forces died after the mission was accomplished than before it. How could anyone ever forget that little bit of his administrations propaganda?  I seriously have to wonder.  That was after all very impressive.  What a spectacle that was!  But, the war went on and on and on!  Guess it wasn’t really “mission accomplished” after all, was it?  A bit of propaganda yet again by masters of spin that was, the war on terror.  Surely that wasn’t his administrations heroic act of courage to you was it?

Was it that time when he signed the Patriot Act into law?  The most sweeping violation of this countries rights ever.  Was that what you’re referring to?  Maybe it was because so many former corporate employers of his administration made billions in Pentagon contracts? I know, it must be how his administration completely ignored the international ban on torture.  That must be it, another proud moment I am guessing. Was it the huge deficit he created?  Maybe it was the estimated 2 billion dollar a week cost of his war that makes you stand proud? Perhaps it was when his administration fought to cut veterans’ healthcare and was against extending healthcare to National Guard families?

So many times your brother’s “administration” was heroic.  I could literally go on for hours with all his administrations acts of heroism.  Like that time he stole the election in 2000 by just throwing out more than 50,000 votes in Florida and then went to the Supreme Court and asked them to stop the recount that would have given the presidency to Al Gore.  Was he being “heroic” when he took more vacation days than any president in modern history? Wasn’t it more than 1200 days he spent in two terms on vacation?  I read somewhere that it worked out to be more than 1 out of 3 days he spent on vacation.  How very heroic indeed.

I’m not saying your brother was a total failure.  I can think of about two things he did that were descent.  But, if you add up all the lies, all the deaths and all the money that was made I simply cannot see how you can say with a straight face that you’re brother and his administration had been heroic.  This can only lead me to ascertain that you are as equally as deluded as your brother and not fit to hold any office.  Calling your brothers administration heroic is a slap in the face to every American and more importantly to every soldier that served this country and their families.

It actually sickens me that you have the audacity to run for president after the wreck your brother left this country in.  And, we’re still paying for his failures.  All the lives lost because of your brothers desire for war.  ISIS exists because your brother gave the order for the release of the man who created it!  And, how many times did your brother let Bin Laden go?  Was it once, twice, three times?  I’ve lost track after all these years. It took the next president to clean up his mess with that as well.

I was a republican for almost 20 years.  It was your brother that caused me to leave the party.  I guess in some ways I should actually thank your brother for that.  The further I got away from the republican party the more began to see all the times I was flat out lied to by the party that I trusted so wholeheartedly.  All the things I believed about the party turned out to be nothing but lies.  I still look back with amazement at how I believed the the staggering amount of bullshit I was being told.  Even when nearly every action my party took contradicted the core values I believed in.  Excuse after excuse to rationalize away it’s mistakes with the most stunning use of propaganda and rhetoric.  And, when I see you attempting to re-write history now by suggesting that your brother and his administration were heroic.  Shame on you.  Your brother was a disgrace to this country.  Your mother was absolutely right, we have had enough Bush’s.

Mr. Jeb Bush, you can try to re-write history, I am sure there are plenty of people that are going to believe your rhetoric but there are more of us that do not.  You brother came so close to destroying this country with his wars, his economics and if you think for a moment you can just pretend none of that happened, that people like me are going to just sit back and let it slide, you are sorely mistaken and tragically delusional.  We will shout from the rooftops to make sure no one ever forgets the damage your brother caused this great nation.  Heroic, please.  Pathetic, war mongering buffoon would be more accurate.