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Why Is “Processed Food” So Cheap? A Stupid Question Answered.

Why Is “Processed Food” So Cheap? A Stupid Question Answered.

That look on your face when someone asks a stupid question.There are few things I hate more than stupid questions.  I am talking specifically about questions that are supposed to make you think but if you actually think it about the answer isn’t thought provoking at all.  It has a fairly simple answer.  And, the questions we should be asking are actually completely different.

Today’s stupid question came in the form of a meme that was re-tweeted by someone.  That bothers me for several reasons.  First, it was a stupid question that lacks any significant depth.  Second, someone heard this question and it must have really hurt their tiny brain because they were so blown away by it that he or she felt the need to put into the form of a meme. Third, someone else saw this meme and either didn’t think about the question also lacked the philosophical depth grasp why it’s a stupid question and tweeted it. Fourth, another person saw the tweet, obviously didn’t think about it about either and thought it would be a good idea to re-tweet it.  Fifth, I have actually been asked this question before.  The person laid it on me like I was supposed to be blown away while we were having a debate about chemicals.  I thought it was stupid questions then and it’s a stupid question now.  The list goes on but I want to explain why it’s a stupid question and the go ahead answer the stupid question, so I’m forced to move on.

Let me first explain why it’s a stupid question.  Again, there are several reasons, I will just a list a few.  First up, “Real Food”?  What does that mean? Pretty much, if you can eat it, it’s food.  Food can be good for you or bad for you but it’s all food.  If it isn’t real food, than it’s imaginary.  If you’re trying to eat imaginary food you have bigger issues and should probably seek some kind of treatment.  Second, It’s obvious what the “author” of this stupid question had in mind by “real food”, food that isn’t processed.  Well, heads up, all food is processed and all food is made up of chemicals.  So we can go ahead and shut up with the whole natural “real foods” debate.  There is only only processed food.  Some of it less good for you and that’s it.

As to the question itself.  If we make the assumption, and I hate to assume about anything but when faced with a stupid question, all you really have are assumptions.  But, if we assume the author means by “real foods”, fruits, vegetables and unprocessed meats versus food processed in a factory then the answer is pretty simple.

“Processed” food is made in factories, in bulk, day and night.  So these kinds of foods can be made by tons on an hourly basis.  The sheer quantity alone brings the cost down to pennies per pound.  Fruits, vegetables and meat have to be grown and tended to by humans.  The crops depend a lot on the weather and the farmers caring for them.  The animals have to be fed and cared for and I use the term “cared for” lightly.  The crops and animals, both have to be fed and protected from all kinds of things. And, after bring “cared for” the plants and animals are then taken to be slaughtered.  All these things have a cost and take time. And, as we all know, time is money and the time it takes is months, and sometimes years longer than it takes to simply process something in a factory.

Now you know, so let’s shut up about it already.  The questions we should be asking ourselves are pretty simple, why does most processed food taste so much better than the so called “real food”.  I am sorry, but there’s not much that tasted better than an Oreo.  Another better question is why do we eat less nutritional food?  The simple answer is, it usually tastes better, it’s easy to make, it’s ready now and it usually costs must less.

This meme is indicative of today’s culture.  This meme is the “processed food” of the healthy eating lifestyle.  It offers nothing, it’s quick and easy and has no real nutritional value.  Until we start asking the right questions about the food we eat, we will still be fat.  We will still make unhealthy choices.  Stupid questions as in this meme don’t help at all.  They provide a shallow nonsense question devised to make you ponder just long enough to hit re-tweet and nothing else.