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Nuts/Stuff 2016 Because, ‘Merica!

Nuts/Stuff 2016 Because, ‘Merica!

Nuts/Stuff 2016 Because, ‘Merica!

It’s official, I have decided, after careful consideration that I am throwing my support behind the Nuts/Stuff ticket for the 2016 Presidential election.  This decision did not come easy.  I had to look at all the candidates individually.  I even looked at the republican clown car, hoping for some sign of intelligent life. Unfortunately, all I found were terribly misogynistic bigoted, homophobic, racist candidates promoting an agenda of half truths, denial, lies, paranoia and fear with a terrifying splash of war mongering thrown in for good measure.  I can’t, in good conscious, vote for any of them.

There is some hope withing the democratic party, none of them are promoting, promising or hinting at getting into another war.  They are all running campaigns based largely upon supporting the sciences, the middle class and the poor. All good things.  If you take away all the fake, hypocritical, conspiracy theories waged by the republican party against the democrats running for president, the democrats stand head and shoulders above every single republican running for president.

So why I am supporting a Nutz/Stuff 2016 ticket if the democrats have by far the most competent of presidential candidates?  It’s a good question and I’m glad you asked. The Nuts/Stuff 2016 presidential ticket is promising something no other ticket promises.  It promises to lead the world not by war but rather it’s continual struggles for peace.  It promises to lead by example rather than fear or by threat.

You see our great democracy became a symbol of freedom to the world not by the wars we waged but by the wars that never happened.  The wars that were avoided by stunning acts of diplomacy.  America was built by immigrants who believed that only in America could they get they get a fair shake.  They came here with the belief that in America you could live a life free from religious persecution.  They believed in a government that allowed you, not only, the freedom of religion but the freedom from it. They believed America truly was the land of opportunity.

I believe in those things too.  Sadly, somewhere along the way this country steered of course.  I believe that a Nuts/Stuff 2016 ticket promises a future where every person is treated with absolute equality regardless of race, sex, religion, sexual preference or gender identity.   That we shouldn’t fear the unknown but rather embrace it and learn from it. A world in which we can learn to separate science from speculation. Where ideas can be expressed without fear and hate.  A world where our morals stem from compassion and a good sense of right and wrong instead of fairytales and mysticism.

Or, perhaps, I’m just supporting a Deez Nuts and Butt Stuff presidential run because I like saying Deez Nuts and Butt Stuff because even in middle age I still am kid at heart.

If you’re completely unaware who Deez Nuts and Butt Stuff are, they are officially running for president.  I’ve decided that they should join forces.  Will they?  I don’t know.  Is any of what I said about them true?  I have no idea.  At the end of the day, I just wanted rant about our current state of political affairs.

Deez Nutz

Butt Stuff