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Why You’ve Got To Vote for Hillary Clinton

Why You’ve Got To Vote for Hillary Clinton

Why You’ve Got To Vote for Hillary Clinton

There are so many reasons why you’ve got to vote for Hillary Clinton. It should be obvious to anyone. Just the mere thought of anyone ever having to say, “President Trump” should be enough to get every thinking man and woman to vote for Hillary Clinton. Sadly, there are great many Bernie Supporters out there that are refusing to support Hillary even though the man they pledged to support, is now supporting Hillary. This terrifies me just as much as anyone supporting Trump does.

In the beginning I was heavily leaning towards supporting Bernie Sanders. I wasn’t a huge Hillary fan. I don’t hate her like so many people do. I am however smart enough to see past all the hateful propaganda that has been leveled at her. Sadly, I am not too sure about many of the Bernie supporters out there. It appears that some Bernie supporters aren’t really Bernie supporters. It turns out there are just left leaning people that hate Hillary Clinton because they’ve fallen victim to the GOP’s sensational plan to demonize the woman.

The GOP has been attacking Bill and Hillary Clinton for decades. Nothing has stuck. Hillary Clinton has never been charged with a crime or even arrested for one. She was a successful lawyer, Senator and Secretary of State. And yet, some people are absolutely convinced that she is guilty of all kinds of things that she never did because they have been told repeatedly by the GOP that is she is guilty. She supports Satan according to prominent members of the GOP and worst of all the media does very little to ever rebuke these nonsensical and nonfactual claims. Oh they splash all kinds of headlines about what was said about her knowing very well that even if the article or news story proves the allegations false, most people only read and hear the headlines.

It is outrageous to me how the media continually repeats these lies over and over again in their headlines. A responsible media source wouldn’t repeat the lie in a headline or if they did it would be followed with a “false” next to it. The best headlines or at least the most responsible headlines would say something like, “Joe Blow’s accusations against Jane Blow True or False?” This type of headline is at least marginally responsible. It doesn’t repeat the lie and it encourages the reader or viewer to investigate further. But, the media almost never does that. They splash the lie across the screen and they know that most people will never read past that headline.

So when it comes to supporting for someone for the office of President of the United States of America you have got to ask yourself. Do I agree with the things Trump is saying? If so, then take the time research if the things he is saying are true. If he promises to do something like say, “Build a while and have Mexico pay for it.” Ask yourself, how does he propose to do that? In fact, doing that kind of research is why I stopped supporting Bernie Sanders in the first place.

Bernie Sanders said had said a lot of things that I liked. He also said I lot of things that scared the shit out of me. His hatred for capitalism frightened me. The way he villainizes big business is a level propaganda that is every bit as misleading as the GOP has been in their campaigning. And, his attacks on Hillary on at times were absolutely childish to the point of embarrassment. His tax plan isn’t fair. It’s terribly one sided to the point of absurdity.

Does everyone remember when Bernie, out of nowhere, said that Hillary Clinton isn’t qualified to be president? Does anyone remember what his response was when asked why he said that? Well, it appears Bernie is the type is man that passes full judgment based on headlines. If you recall, there were some media headlines that incorrectly implied that Hillary Clinton said that Bernie Sanders wasn’t qualified to be president. Well, Bernie with the maturity level of a spastic 4-year-old on a sugar high, responds with, “I don’t think Hillary is ‘qualified’ to be president.” He quoted the “qualified” part in reference to Hillary calling him unqualified. The sad thing, Hillary never said he wasn’t qualified. However, a news article by a major paper ran with the headline, “Clinton questions whether Sanders is qualified to be president.” Obviously Bernie never read the story attached to that Washington Post article. Had Sander’s read it, he would have noted that Hillary never said he wasn’t qualified, didn’t even suggest it. What she did do was attack him with facts and issues. Facts that to this day, Bernie has never denied.

Anyone taking the time read even the most basics of Bernie’s tax plan would see that it is completely unfair and biased against the rich. That’s a problem in my eyes. I am flat ass broke. And, I am thankful for any tax break I get yet I also understand that the cards are stacked against me. I understand that the rich get the most amazing tax breaks. All I want, and I think all anyone should want, is a more level playing field. Everyone above the poverty line should be required to pay their fair share of taxes. I don’t want the rich to pay any more of percentage than anyone else. What Bernie suggests is outrageous and offense. No one should be subject to a 60% tax rate. No one! I don’t care if someone makes 50k a year or 50 billion. The government does not deserve 60% of your money. Taxes should be lower not higher. Taxes should be fair for everyone.

We need to work with the banks and big business. Hillary understands that, Obama understands this. This is why our economy has come back so strong after 8 years of the Bush administration trying to bankrupt it with war after war and failed policy after failed policy. Bernie seemed to only want to attack the rich and big businesses. He gave no plan on how he wanted to “break apart the banks.” Something that probably would have collapsed the economy.

But, I get those that supported him. How can we all not be frustrated at the government, at the rich, at big business? Well, killing those things isn’t the answer. Fixing them is. Hillary has been attacked repeatedly by those on both sides of the fence and sadly, every attack is based on half-truths and bullshit. But, all of that fails in comparison to the complete devastation we face under a Trump presidency. Trump is a proven liar who has been buying himself out of trouble for decades. He doesn’t understand the common man. He has never lived a day in the shoes of a working class person. He has spent his entire life with penthouse views. Trump has never been poor. He’s never not been able to buy most things he’s wanted. Imagine that. Always being able to buy anything you ever wanted.

He’s never had to work a day in his life. I am not saying the man hasn’t ever worked. I’m not even saying he hasn’t worked hard. What I am saying is that is there is huge difference between working and having to work. From the day of his birth Trump hasn’t had to work. Yes, he’s got the drive to work and that’s admirable. But, it obvious in everything he says that he has absolutely no clue what it’s like to be a part of the middle class. No idea what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck. I will admit that I could accept that. I mean I don’t have to be shot to know that being shot sucks and hurts. It’s just that Trump hasn’t once made an impassioned plea for the poor. Even the times he’s given to charity thus far, all appear to be done not because he cares for the cause but rather because it’s write-off. There’s even evidence that he’s lied about the money he gives to charity. Oh and there’s the fact that he hasn’t even released his taxes.

He has openly supported Hillary Clinton in the past. He has said that he’s “more democrat than republican.” Now he’s running as a racist, bigot, xenophobe and misogynist to name a few and as of last night he is the official republican nominee for The President of the United States of America. He has called all Mexicans rapists, he has called all women “Gold Diggers” and said that breastfeeding is disgusting. He’s thinks in terms of leadership (Putin) is getting an A.” He’s applauded the work of Saddam Hussein. This man cannot be president! He has no plan, his VP openly admits to not believing in Evolution, Climate Change or that smoking kills. He wants to overturn Roe v. Wade. He is a repeated liar just as Trump is.

So how can anyone under the circumstances not vote for Hillary? I have heard the comment, “It’s a choice between two bad candidates.” No it’s not. First, if you take the time to actually look up every reason that makes you not like Hillary Clinton, you’re going to find that almost all of the bad things you believed about her are untrue or at the very least, misleading. Do the same with Trump and you will see that almost everything he’s been accused of is actually true! The worst part is that when proven he’s wrong, he denies it or makes excuses for it. He hasn’t accepted responsibility for any of it.

If you think not voting for Hillary is doing anyone any good at all, you are sorely mistaken and the rest of the world is going to have to pay for your ignorance. Please, take a minute and look at the facts. Think about what you’re about to do this November. The question is simple, you either want Trump to be president or you don’t. Not voting for Hillary is the exact same as voting for Trump. Voting for a third party candidate is the same as voting for Trump.

In the campaign Obama ran against McCain I felt the choice was about either continuing the bad economical choices and war time choices Bush had been making or going with someone that seemed to have a very common sense plan to fix the economy and get our troops out of harm’s way. So I voted for Obama.

Also, if you Remember, McCain had voted 95% of the time with Bush and that was enough to scare me away from him. Sanders has voted about 95% of the time, the same as Clinton. Now some Bernie supporters have been so ridiculous as to claim that “that 5% makes a difference!” Well of course it does. But, you know what makes a bigger fucking difference? The 95% of the time he fucking agreed with her!

Your reasoning for not voting for Hillary is probably based on things that you believe to be true that are not. Please don’t let everything we have worked for be in vain. In 2010 democrats stayed at home and because of it we lost seats in both houses. It gave us Ted Cruz because the Dems stayed home. We gave the Tea Party a substantial voice in both houses because dems stayed home. Don’t be the reason we give Trump the presidency.

The next president is either going to be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. No third party candidate is going to win. Seriously, because you don’t like Hillary you’re making it that much easier for Trump to win. Think about that because at the end of the day, you either are supporting Trump for president or not. Any vote that isn’t for Hillary is a vote for Donald Trump. You’re not being profound, you’re not making a bold statement against Hillary, you are handing the election to Donald Trump. Don’t hand the election to Donald Trump.

You didn’t get the candidate you wanted. I get that. It sucks. You what is going to suck more? Having to say, President Donald Trump. Obama said recently, that politics work best when we work together and I believe that with all my heart. Maybe next time your candidate will be the nominee? Please think about what you’re doing here.

Right now in my Twitter feed there are several people that were very loud Bernie supporters. They are still bashing Hillary Clinton. Some of them, have now stopped supporting Bernie and are choosing 3rd party candidates. How ridiculous is that? The man you supported is now supporting Hillary because he was smart enough to understand that we all have to come together to make sure that Donald Trump will never be president.

Bernie Sanders is the man you were so willing to trust as your president and now you’re not supporting his choice to back Hillary Clinton? It’s hard to take anyone with that kind of failed logic seriously. But, I do! Please, take a breath and think about what’s best for your country. And, if you can look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I’d rather have Trump as president than Hillary” then just go ahead and vote for Trump because not voting, or voting for that 3rd party candidate will have the same end result as voting for Donald Trump and that’s a fact.


*Below are links to articles that used as research in this post. They all are worth reading and I’d hope you do.