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Why I Hate Going To Movie Theaters

Why I Hate Going To Movie Theaters

Your first thought might be the cost of it all that I hate.  It is expensive, too expensive I would say but that isn’t what keeps me from going.  It’s the stupid, disrespect douchebags that always sit around me.  You know the types.  Those that like to make themselves at home by putting their feet up on the seats in front of them.  The idiots that will not stop talking.  The idiots that dick around their cell phone the entire time.  The overall clueless behavior of the average person just pisses me off me to know end.

Every single time I head out to theater to see a movie, usually with my kids, there’s been an asshole sitting someone near me.  It’s the teen girls sitting in front of us that talk and text the entire fucking time.  Trying to enjoy the film but keep getting distracted by the sounds and lights coming from their cell phones.  Idiots that have no problem with putting their dirty smelly feet up on their chair in front of them.  One time this asshole at the Krikorian in Redlands, California had his fucking feet up on the chair next to me.  His smelly, fucking near bear feet are inches away from my face.  I figured when I sat down he would at least have enough decency to take them down.  Nope!  I shouldn’t have to turn around and ask the fucknut to take his feet off the chair but I did.

People seem to feel entitled to shit that they shouldn’t in today’s society.  I have fairly liberal opinions.  I think we all should be entitled to clean water, health care, dental care.  I don’t mind paying a little more in taxes for these things if it will help the poor and needy.  However, we live in a society, and society has rules, if it didn’t, it wouldn’t be a society. Being the slightest bit respectful is a rule.  You don’t even have to be polite.  Just have a little respect for the people around you.  And, it goes further than that. It means being at least a little bit tolerant of other people’s behavior that you may not like but there’s never any excuse to just be flat out disrespectful without cause.

Being tolerant is one of the reason I avoid going to theaters nowadays.  I realize the disrespectful girls that were sitting in front of me were just having fun.  They meant no harm with their selfishness.  And, I never said anything because honestly, it’s not worth the hassle.  I have asked people to be quiet before and it usually ends up with shit getting worse.  A simple, “Shhh” leads to them being more obnoxious and the last thing I want is to end up on the news for slapping the shit out of a bunch of tweens. Not that I would ever slap the shit out of a kid, ever. But, ohhh!, there are times I my evil little mind has thought about it.

Sometimes speaking out can almost lead to a fight.  Not that I have ever gotten into a fight at a theater.  But, I almost did one time.  Remember the fucknut with his feet up on the seat next to me?  This douchebad is with his girlfriend, wearing flip flops.  When I turned my head to the left, I would be looking at his nasty-ass toes less than a foot away.  I gave the polite look back at him, thinking this should be enough to snap his dumbass back into reality.  He had to see me turn and look at his feet several times before I went with full turn to look at his face.  I was being as non-confrontational as possible with this asshat.

I get nothing from him.  His smelly feet remain.  I turn, I ask him if he could take his feet down.  I am ignored.  Now, I am about ready to explode.  I’m a pretty big guy and nothing pisses me off more than stupid people.  I have the perfect seats I don’t want to move because of this asshole.  The theater is also starting to fill up I don’t really notice any other seats that I like.  And, it’s aggravating me even more that I am considering moving to another seat because this fucking asshole wont take his feet off the chair.

Not being able to take it anymore, I turn around and snap at him. “Dude, will take your smelly feet off the chair!”

This doesn’t make him happy and he looks at me and says, “You don’t have to be rude about it!”

I respond back that I had asked him nicely twice and now he’s denying that I ever said anything.  I have not only been disrespected by his actions, he’s also calling me a liar.  I turn around and say, “You shouldn’t have your feet up on the seat in the first place.”  He smarts off again and I swing back around, I am about to go nuclear.  In my mind I am thinking, I’m not letting this go.  If he touches me I will beat his ass down and humiliate him right in front of his girlfriend.

As I turn and almost waiting for him to lay hands on me I notice it’s not his girlfriend, it’s obviously his daughter, his young daughter.  I am now disappointed at the fact that he would set such a bad example of how to act in public by putting his feet up on the chair in the first place.  By, lying when he said that he didn’t hear me ask to put his feet down, he heard me, I know it, he knows is.  He thought he was going to be a tough guy in front of his daughter.  But, what horrified me the most is how ready I was to beat the shit out this guy for being such an asshole.  I didn’t say anything after I saw his daughter sitting there confused and probably a little afraid.  I turned back around in my chair and spent the rest of time feeling like shit, frustrated and ashamed of myself.  I was frustrated that I had to feel like shit because this guy was an disrespectful asshole. That it all came down to a near fight because he was absolutely clueless to how disrespectful he was being and how intolerant I am of blatant stupidity.

I read an article and watched a little news video about a mother who was at the movies and the idiots kids in front of her were acting a fool.  She said something to the kids and they acted up and continued to be disrespectful.  The mother of the kids later found out about it and apologized on Facebook to the mother she didn’t know in a letter on Facebook that went viral.  I thought how sad is that?  The story has a great ending but it shouldn’t have been a story in the first place.  Those kids should have known better.  I understand that they are just kids and even the best parents can have kids that act like fools, it’s kinda of what kids do.  Doing stupid things and being punished it for it how we learn sometimes.  But, when it’s not just the kids, when it’s the adults that more times than not act worse than their kids, what can you do about it?  It’s not worth a fight and I found to my surprise and horror how quickly things can escalate over peoples lack of respect.

Of all these things that I don’t like about going to the theater, last on the list is actually the outrageous prices at the concessions stand.  Honestly, it’s not even near the top of list. I’m broke and I would gladly pay more for a theater ticket and the concessions if it meant I didn’t have to deal with all the disrespectful jerks that treat the theater like it’s their second home.  Nothing says you’re a scumbag, selfish prick like way some people act at their local theaters.

I used to love going to the theater.  There was a time, when my then girlfriend and I would go at least once a week.  We saw everything back then.  But, over the years, I have seen people just get more and more disrespectful while at the movie theater and I just have no patience for that kind of crap anymore.  So, it’s just best that I don’t go anymore.  It’s best for me and it’s best for the assholes.  Violence is almost never the answer and I shouldn’t have to worry about getting into a fight just because I ask some douchebags to stop talking or to not place their sweaty, smelly feet on the back of or next to my chair.  It’s just not worth the frustrations.

Now I am not saying that I can’t control myself, I do still go to the movies from time to time.  It’s just that every time I go there is someone acting like an asshole.  I can tolerate it when it’s not around me but when that little brat behind me starts kicking my seat, when the idiots around me start playing with their cell phones, when people keep talking during the movie, I just can’t stand it and I realize it’s my problem as much as the assholes.  So, for me, I wait for the DVD or Amazon Prime or Netflix.